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The rise of Identity Theft and Fraud can cause anyone to feel stressed about their financial security.  And quite honestly, life is already stressful enough.

Consider these simple steps to keep your life “less-stressed” and your night’s restful.

  • Be StrongUse strong passwords that include letters, numbers and symbols on your financial and phone accounts.
  • Secure ItAlways use secure websites when making financial transactions. Secure sites have an “s” after http in the web address and/or a lock icon.
  • Don’t Click…ConfirmIf you receive an e-mail that claims to be from your financial institution, directing you to a website, don’t click the link. Call your financial institution to confirm the legitimacy of the e-mail.
  • Shred ItAlways shred important documents like, financial statements, Social Security and driver’s license information, receipts, tax forms, vehicle registration and insurance forms.
  • Check ItMake a habit of checking your credit at least annually at, or better yet, pull a credit report and score from all three credit bureaus through our Secure Checking with ID Protect. It’s free and the time you spend doing it could save you in the long run.
  • Say “No” If You Don’t “Know”Fraudsters will prey on your emotions to get what they want. If you’re not 100% sure who you’re communicating with on the phone, social media or through e-mail, don’t release personal information or passwords. And, most importantly, don’t ever send money.

At Russell Country, one of our top priorities is your financial security. Our Secure Checking Account, with ID Protect, is just one way we help you combat Identity Theft and Fraud 24/7.

Less stress and a good night’s rest…it’s a beautiful thing. Contact us at 406.761.2880 to get started with Secure Checking today.