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Regular Savings

A Regular Share Savings Account is the how you get started at Russell Country. Your $25 deposit gives you access to all the products and services we provide. And, as a member/owner, you can now participate and vote at our Annual Membership Meeting.

A Regular Share Savings is also a great way to get in the savings habit. Get started with as little as $25, add a little bit each month and watch your habit grow. The key is…you just have to start!

  • No Monthly Service Charge
  • Automatic Deposit Capability
  • Dividends are paid at the end of each month
  • ATM Access Capability

Savings Rates

Secondary Savings

Whether you’re saving for that special event or you need some assistance with budgeting, a Secondary Share Savings might be what you need.  Here’s how it works:

  • No Monthly Service Charge
  • Open numerous accounts with personalized names
  • Automatic deposit capability
  • Dividends are paid at the end of each month

Contact us today!  We’re here to help you get started.

Savings Rates

Money Market

A “flexible” life requires a “flexible” savings option.

With a Russell Country Money Market Savings, you earn a higher dividend rate all while having the ability to deposit and withdraw funds from your account whenever you want, without incurring a penalty. Now, that’s some flexibility!

  • Minimum Balance Requirement – $1000*
  • Minimum withdrawal amount – $200 
  • No minimum required on subsequent deposits
  • Dividends are paid at the end of every month
  • Funds can be accessed through PC Banking, CALL Now Voice Response or at any of our branch offices.

Contact us to get started on your Money Market Savings Account today!

Savings Rates

*Account will be closed and remaining funds transferred to Regular Share Savings if minimum balance drops below $1000.

High Yield Savings

Russell Country’s High Yield Savings was designed with the serious saver in mind.  The more you save, the more you earn…all while enjoying the flexibility you need. Now, that’s serious business!

  • Minimum Balance Requirement – $5,000*
  • Minimum Transaction (Deposit or Withdrawal) Amount – $500
  • Dividends are paid at the end of each month
  • Funds can be accessed through PC Banking, CALL Now Voice Response or at any of our branch offices.

Contact our office and get started on serious saving with a High Yield Savings Account!

Savings Rates

*Account will be closed and remaining funds transferred to Regular Share Savings if minimum balance drops below $5,000.

Share Certificates

If you’re in the market for a great savings product with a low minimum balance and flexible terms, then a Share Certificate may be the answer you’re looking for.

Put your money to work today with a Share Certificate and watch it grow!
  • Minimum balance $500
  • Terms from 6 months to 5 years
  • Automatic renewal within 10 days of maturity*
  • Dividends are paid at the end of every month and can be:
      • Compounded and withdrawn at maturity
      • Transferred monthly to a checking or savings account
      • Sent by check and automatically mailed monthly
  • Can be used as collateral for a loan

And…if you’re interested in getting your children or grandchildren on the right path to saving, our Youth Certificate is available for Youth 0 – 18.  With a minimum balance requirement of only $100, the choice is easy and the rewards are great!

Share Certificate Rates

*Penalty for early withdrawal

Christmas Club Savings

Christmas starts in January at Russell Country…or, any month of the year for that matter.

With a Christmas Club Savings, you’ll be prepared when the holidays roll around. The plastic will stay in your wallet and your holidays will be merry and bright!

  • No Minimum Opening Balance
  • Maximum Account Balance – $2,500
  • Account renews automatically each year
  • Balance plus dividends are transferred to Regular Share Savings on October 31st each year*

Savings Rates

*Dividends will be forfeited if account funds are withdrawn prior to October 31.


Start saving for your future now with a Russell Country Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Whether you choose a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, you’ll enjoy some of the same great benefits.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Potential Tax Advantages
  • No Annual Maintenance Fee

And, you can choose to keep your money growing in an IRA Savings Account or an IRA Share Certificate. The choice is yours.  The key is to just start saving!

IRA Rates

Retirement Calculator

Traditional and Roth IRA Comparison Chart

For more information about Traditional and Roth IRAs click here

Youth Accounts

Kirby Kangaroo Club Account (Youth 0 – 12)

Now’s the time to teach your youngster about good savings habits.  Open a Kirby Kangaroo Club Savings Account for $5.00 and you’ll open up all these opportunities as well!

  • KANGA-News Quarterly Newsletter
    • Addressed specifically to your Kirby Clubber and filled with fun activities, articles and games just for them.
  • Kirby CU Savings Branch
    • Bring out the crayons and let them color their “savings branch”, put it together, and then start saving in it.
  • Kirby Bucks
    • Good savings habits can now be rewarded two ways. Kirby Bucks can be redeemed for merchandise at the Kirby Store or a $25.00 savings deposit!*

In addition to all this, Kirby Clubbers can take advantage of the Youth Month Savings Challenges and the World’s Largest Stocking drawing.  Call us at 406.761.2880 (GF) or 406.467.2541 (FF) and get started today!


Kirby Kangaroo

CU Succeed Club Account

Designed for teens ages 13-17, this account is sure to please.  While learning the value of good savings habits, your teenager will also learn the responsibilities of managing money. A CU Succeed can be opened for as little as $5.00, and once open, your teen can take advantage of these great options:

  • CU Succeed Dollars
    • Cash in on your good savings habits with CU Succeed Dollars. CU Succeed dollars can be spent in the CU Succeed Store or cashed in for a $25.00 savings deposit.
  • Savings Challenges
    • Earn more for your hard work and earn double CU Succeed Dollars during Youth Month. The more you save, the more you earn!
  • CU Succeed Interactive Website
    • To access more financially fun activities for your teen, click the CU Succeed icon below.

CU Succeed

*25 Kirby Bucks or 25 CU Succeed Dollars can be redeemed for a $25.00 savings deposit.  Available once per calendar year.