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Phishing, fraud and scams never take a break. That means that we can’t either.  Fraudsters are always thinking of new ways to steal your money and identity.  So, be vigilant and remember these simple things:

  • Scammers will use scare tactics or “pressure” to entice you to give them your account number, social security number or other personal information over the phone. Don’t fall for it! Hang up and confirm the legitimacy of the call.
  • Scammers are experts at creating a sense of “false urgency”.  Don’t be persuaded to “act quickly” and run the risk of making a decision that could be detrimental.
  • Don’t click on e-mail links coming from an unknown or unsolicited source. Even if it looks legitimate, it may not be.  Check out the source before taking further action.
  • If making online purchases, confirm the site is legitimate and secure (https with a padlock icon), before proceeding any further.
  • Check your credit regularly for accuracy and take action immediately if something doesn’t look correct.  Or better yet, open a Secure Checking Account with us and all the checking will be done for you!
  • Finally, if something appears too good to be true, it probably is Call us at 406.761.2880 if you have any questions.  We’re here to help you stay financial secure.

Recent and Current Scams

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