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Card Fraud

Identity thieves can open new bank accounts or apply for store cards with only a small amount of your personal information.  This type of identity theft has resulted in huge financial losses, as many of the fraudulent transactions are usually large value transactions.

Tax & Wage Fraud

If identity thieves can file a return in your name to steal your tax refund, it may cause serious trouble for you and your family. Not only could you lose your money, your financial information could be wrecked and you can ruin your standing with the IRS – something that could take years to fix.

Benefits Fraud

Your medical benefits are at risk from identity thieves. If your identity is compromised, thieves could rack up huge medical service bills and change your medical history.

Bank Fraud

If a thief tries to steal your money face-to-face, you may be able to defend yourself and your family. But what if they secretly steal your details and go straight to your bank account? By accessing your account, identity thieves can not only steal your money, but also open new accounts in your name.

Government Document Fraud

If thieves steal your personal information, such as your Social Security number and address, they may be able to create and sell Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, and more. They also can commit crimes in your name.

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