When life feels out of control, CardNav is the perfect solution to help put the control back in your hands. With CardNav, you set the Control Preferences you want on your Russell Country Debit Card and let CardNav do the rest. Here’s how CardNav can work for you.

    • Controls where and when your card is used
    • Notifies you of any unauthorized use
    • Allows you to secure your accounts by locking or unlocking your card
    • Allows you to set restrictions on the amount or type of purchase

And, that’s not all. You can view balances and transactions and search for nearby ATMs.

Now, that’s control…all in the palm of your hand.

To learn more about CardNav, watch the video below and then check out the FAQs for information on downloading the app and tips on getting started.



If you have questions, or need assistance getting started with CardNav, please contact us at 406-761-2880 or visit one of our branch locations. Card Nav FAQ